Abbi 20ART
Abbi 20ART
Abbi 20ART
Abbi 20ART
Abbi 20ART
Abbi 20ART
Abbi 20ART
Abbi 20ART

Abbi 20ART

Abbi 20ART
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  • Access hatch: allow access to inner tank for easy routine maintenance and inspection.
  • Forklift pockets: quick and easy maneuvering and mobility.
  • 110% bunded Built-in: secondary containment eliminates the need for pans or basins.
  • Large lockable cabinet: integral equipment cabinet that secures all equipment and ports while capturing any accidental drips or spills.


  • Capacity:985 litres
  • Dimensions: 1,680 x 1,130 x 1,250 Millimetres
  • Weight: 450 - 1,487 KG


The most manoeuvrable mobile refueller on the market.

Traversing difficult worksites with ease, supplying and dispensing fuel simultaneously. The Abbi reliably refuels construction equipment and doubles as a standby tank on-site.

Keep moving

Easily towed, the Abbi can also be craned or forklifted fast – even filled with fuel. It’s the perfect partner to store and deliver energy in construction and agriculture.

Every trailer features a large, lockable cabinet, which secures equipment and captures accidental drips or spills. Double-walled for durability, they’re built to last, extending run times in the most testing environments.


The Abbi range is a safe and reliable fuel storage solution for any location that requires quick refuelling of construction or auxiliary equipment.


The Abbi range is the ideal solution for short term, on site fuel storage. It can be supplied as a standby tank or a mobile refueler, offering both applications as one unit. Abbi tanks are designed to operate efficiently on sites that require small amounts of fuel storage.


Abbi tanks can connect to one diesel powered piece of equipment and dispense fuel by pump at the same time - simultaneously extending generator run times and refueling machinery efficiently.


For logistically challenging sites and remote locations, the Abbi can be safely lifted by crane or forklift precisely and quickly. Due to its mobile design, Abbi tanks can transport fuel to any site reaching even the most difficult locations.

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