Packaged TITAN MBR™ QUBE™ Membrane...

Packaged TITAN MBR™ QUBE™ Membrane Bioreactor

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Screen S&L provides an automatic fine screen system that provides 3 mm screening for the treatment system. Assembly is simple. MBR Zone with S&L Flate-Plate Membrane(s) S&L’s durable flat-plate membranes do not bundle or break, unlike hollow fiber types. No maintenance on fibers. No pressurized pumps skids. No air integrity testing, or permeate pumping is required. Submerged in the MBR Zone, membranes are efficiently cleaned inplace, on average once every six months without system interruption. The result is superior effluent with low O&M costs. Blower Room and Control Room The blower and control rooms, with lockable doors, include the blower assembly and the PLC controls that are easy to operate with an HMI screen. All systems can also be monitored remotely.


The TITAN MBR QUBE™ is a complete, factory-built, packaged wastewater treatment system featuring a compact design for simple shipping and mobility. Equipped with the same TITAN MBR™ technology that has made S&L an industry leader in pre-engineered treatment systems, the TITAN MBR QUBE™ provides simple, economical and efficient plug and play treatment in a much smaller footprint than conventional treatment systems. The TITAN MBR QUBE™ is a 40-ft long cube shipping container; delivered directly to the job site, minimal assembly required. Operation is simplified with the benefits of S&L Flat-Plate membranes: Superior effluent quality (reuse) Flat membrane technology Durable membrane construction No permeate pumps No air integrity testing Low energy usage Flows up to 20,000 GPD (75.5 cmd) Models Factory-Built and Packaged Design BOD, TSS & Nutrient Removal

Product Details S&L Design Benefits Backed by 65+ years S&L system engineering and manufacturing expertise Standard configurations mean quicker turnaround time from order to shipment S&L Factory-Built systems come with single-source responsibility by S&L Applications Temporary sites & mancamps Small flows Industrial facilities International shipping Remote locations Military operations Scalping plants for re-use Private developments

The complete system is pre-plumbed and pre-wired prior to shipment to your jobsite. Process Options Optional compact anoxic and sludge storage zones are also available. If additional flow volume is required, multiple units are easily integrated to operate in parallel. Quality Construction California TITLE 22 approved components are fabricated, assembled and wired in S&L’s 116,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility near Kansas City.

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